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Automating Myself

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I believe in automating-all-of-the things, and so I decided to automate myself. I recently decided to buid a Zoombot to use on my next work virtual happy hour via Zoom.


To try it out yourself:

  1. Open Michael’s Zoombot in a Chrome Browser.
  2. Press the Turn On Zoombot button in the left corner.
  3. Talk to it like you would to me via a headset.


It will reply to statements like:

  • Hi, What's up,
  • Tell me a knock knock joke ,
  • Tell me another joke,
  • etc.


I’ve heavily modified my version and will soon PR my commits back to Zoombot. The JavaScript is really rough, and I plan to refactor the whole thing in React.


Ping me on Twitter and let me know if you think that the Zoombot is:

  1. Super creepy, delete it now!
  2. Mostly creepy, but also a little funny.
  3. Really funny.

I’m hoping that people find it amusing.